One Man's Bible

One Man's Bible (Paperback)

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One Man's Bible is a fictionalized account of Gao Xingjian's life under the Chinese Communist regime. Daily life is riddled with paranoia and fear, and government propaganda turns citizens against one another. It is a place where a single sentence spoken ten years earlier can make one an enemy of the state.

But One Man's Bible is also a profound meditation on the essence of writing, on exile, on the effects of political oppression on the human spirit, and on how the human spirit can triumph.

About the Author

Gao Xingjian (whose name is pronounced gow shing-jen) is the first Chinese recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Born in 1940 in Jiangxi province in eastern China, he has lived in France since 1987. Gao Xingjian is an artistic innovator, in both the visual arts and literature. He is that rare multitalented artist who excels as novelist, playwright, essayist, director, and painter. In addition to Soul Mountain and One Man's Bible, a book of his plays, The Other Shore, and a volume of his paintings, Return to Painting, have been published in the United States.

Praise for One Man's Bible…

“Unforgettable … One Man’s Bible burns with a powerfully individualistic fire of intelligence and depth of feeling.”
-New York Times

“Perhaps the most powerful thing Gao has ever written.”
-New York Review of Books

“[Gao] paints a stark, unforgiving picture of the results of Mao’s regime and of the Cultural Revolution.”
-Denver Post

“Dreamlike …. elegant and haunting.”
-Boston Globe

“A remarkable achievement.”
-Christian Science Monitor

“450 brilliant pages of reflection, self-reflection and redemption.”
-Ruminator Review

“Conveys that profound sense of dislocation human beings can sometimes feel, when looks back on one’s own life.”
-Baltimore Sun

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