He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (Mass Market Paperback)

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Four years ago, Amanda Stockton was forced to play a serial killer’s twisted game of chance. Since then, she has retreated from the world, bearing the scar from her ordeal and the burden of a terrible secret. But when another woman is found dead, clutching a long-stemmed red rose, Amanda knows she can hide no longer.

If there were any other way, Chief Logan Richards would never ask the only surviving victim for help. But it’s clear this killer will not be stopped and Amanda is the only link. Torn between catching a madman and winning the trust of the woman he’s come to love, Logan is caught in a dangerous game with Amanda. And there’s no guarantee they’ll come out on top.

About the Author

Lena Diaz grew up a Navy Brat, but while two of her three siblings followed in her father's footsteps and joined the Navy, Lena loosely followed in her musically talented mother's footsteps by choosing a more creative path: writing. Her first novel-length manuscripts were paranormals ranging from contemporary vampire stories to medieval druid tales. Since dead bodies kept creeping into everything she wrote, she eventually turned to romantic suspense. Today Lena can be found in North Florida with her husband of twenty-plus years, her belly-dancing daughter, her mud-bogging son, a tri-colored Sheltie named Sparky, and a pair of Beta fish named Rocky Bal-Beta and Mr. T.

Praise for He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not…

“Chilling from the first scene on. Diaz has crafted the kind of tense psychological thriller that’s impossible to put down.”
-Eileen Rendahl

“The characters are well rounded, the romance is spicy, and the mystery is riveting. I highly recommend He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not to fans of romantic suspense.”
-Long and Short Romance Reviews (5 Books)

“It’s all there. . .sizzling love scenes and a shivery good thrill ride.”
-Margaret Carroll

Product Details ISBN-10: 0062115774
ISBN-13: 9780062115775
Published: Avon Impulse, 09/01/2011
Pages: 368
Language: English