The Eye of God LP: A SIGMA Force Novel

The Eye of God LP: A SIGMA Force Novel (Paperback)

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An apocalyptic vision of the day after tomorrow, of a future predicted by the distant past, of a world doomed to burn . . .

The crash of a U.S. military research satellite triggers a search for the valuable cargo it holds: a code-black physics project connected to the study of dark energy, the energy associated with the birth of our universe. But the last blurry image from the falling satellite captures a chilling sight: a frightening look at the future, a view of a smoldering eastern seaboard of the United States in utter ruin.

At the Vatican, a mysterious package arrives containing two strange artifacts: a skull scrawled with ancient Aramaic and a tome bound in human skin. DNA testing reveals both are from Genghis Khan--the Mongol king whose undiscovered tomb is rumored to hold the vast treasures and knowledge of a lost ancient empire.

Commander Gray Pierce, and Sigma--joined by a pair of Vatican historians--race to uncover a truth tied to the fall of the Roman Empire, to a mystery bound in the roots of Christianity's origins, and to a weapon hidden for centuries that holds the fate of humanity.

Product Details ISBN-10: 0062253719
ISBN-13: 9780062253712
Large Print
Published: HarperLuxe, 07/01/2013
Pages: 640
Language: English