Hero Within - Rev. & Expanded Ed.: Six Archetypes We Live By

Hero Within - Rev. & Expanded Ed.: Six Archetypes We Live By (Paperback)

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In 'The Hero with a Thousand Faces', Joseph Campbell introduced readers to the significance of myth and archetype in understanding who we are and how we live our lives. Carol Pearson's best-selling 'The Hero Within' combines literature, anthropology, and psychology to clearly define, with insight and understanding, the six heroic archetypes that exist in all of us. This expanded edition features exercises designed to awaken and illuminate these archetypes so that we may make better sense of ourselves and our life-journeys.

Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., is the co-author of 'Who Am I This Time?' and 'The Female Hero in American and British Literature' and president of Meristem, a nonprofit organization that offers training in personal and professional growth.

"An excellent and useful book about the course our psychological development can take, with stages represented by common archetypes that most of us know…(Pearson's) is an evolutionary archetypal psychology"
JEAN SHINODA BOLEN, author of 'Goddesses in Everywoman' and 'Gods in Everyman'

"Gives us a vocabulary- Innocent, Orphan, Wanderer, Warrior, Martyr, Magician- to subsume a wide range of patterns of human relationships, both positive and negative. The results are remarkably insightful and self-revelatory…It is a joy to read."
JESSIE BERNARD, author of 'The Female World'

About the Author

Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., is the Director of the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership and a Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Her publications include The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By Educating the Majority: Challenging Tradition in Higher Education, co-edited by Donna L. Shavlik and Judith G. Touchton); Awakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes that Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World; Magic At Work: Camelot, Creative Leadership and Everyday Miracles; The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes, co-authored by Margaret Mark; Mapping the Organizational Psyche: A Jungian Theory of Organizational Dynamics and Change, co-authored by John Corlett; and What Story Are You Living? Co-authored by Hugh Marr. Her books are widely translated. She lives with her husband of 33 years close to her three married children and four grandchildren.

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