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Stop or Start Habits with Outcome Visioning Dave Sellars, PhD ($19.95)

You have heard the saying, “We are creatures of habit.” Habits control much of our daily lives. Studies indicate that 40 percent of our behavior involves habits. Others say that when thoughts and feelings are included, as much as 90 percent of our lives are influenced by habits. If you want to effect positive change in your life, you must focus on habits.

If you are skeptical about the impact habits have on your life, take a look at Appendix D. Over 200 habits to stop and 400 habits to start are listed in these areas: diet, exercise, inner-self, relationships, finances, communications, sex, spirituality, parenting, divorce, dating, career, leisure, and the environment. Making changes in these involves stopping or starting habits.

The use of visualization has been around a long time. Outcome Visioning, which is explained in the Step 3 chapter, is different. It captures the essential elements of meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, and creative visualization. It is a simple motivation technique that takes only 10 to 15 minutes a day and will help ensure success.

Think of the book as the resource that will change My Habits; stop some and start others that bring greater happiness to me and my loved ones.

DAVE SELLARS, PhD has spent 30 years studying, researching, writing, teaching, and implementing ways to change people’s behavior. This book is the product of his life’s work. It is like others he has written; clear, concise, and practical. You will see that Dave has a rare gift for making complex processes and concepts easy to understand and actionable.



He Plays a Harp Roberta F. King ($14.95)

Within its pages, readers will experience the challenging and sometimes frustrating circumstances of raising a child with a severe disability, who succumbs to illness at age seventeen. This touching memoir is a story about how a family, living under extraordinary circumstances, refused to let their son live anything less than an ordinary life. While the author's grief and loss are undeniable, her matter-of-fact writing style, sharp sense of humor and fierce love for her child will have readers laughing through their tears at tales of mischief and hilarity that all loving families experience.

Roberta F. King is the Vice President of PR & Marketing at Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Outside of her professional public relations writing, her articles and essays have been published in Atticus Review, Brain, Child; The Boiler, Hippocampus, Lifelines (The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College) and in The Rapidian. He Plays a Harp is her first book. She and her husband, Mike Miesch live in Muskegon, Michigan. Mike's artwork is featured on the cover of the book.



Faith on First: Thoughts on God, Nature and Sacrifice Bunts Charles Honey ($14.95)

Now in his 20th year of writing a weekly religion column for The Grand Rapids Press, Charles Honey has collected four score of them in his first book, Faith on First: Thoughts on God, Nature and Sacrifice Bunts (Freeze Frame Publishing). The "greatest hits compilation" features many of Honey's favorite themes, from personal spirituality, family relationships and the beauty of creation to some of the more memorable people he has met while covering the many faiths of West Michigan. All are tied together with the colorful thread of baseball, a game in whose abiding pleasures the author finds evergreen spiritual sustenance.

Charles Honey has been writing and editing for newspapers since disco was big. He was the editor of The Grand Rapids Press' award-winning Religion Section from 1994 - 2009, and has since then continued his weekly column along with his blog, soulmailing.com. He is also a staff writer for School News Network.



Write Michigan 2014 Anthology Write Michigan ($14.95)

"Maybe you don't have the wadded-up papers of false starts like little mushrooms growing around your desk. Some of you winning writers might have had amazing first efforts pour forth. I think this often happens with young writers who have a pure, powerful earnestness that can make a story shine right away. Congratulations to you, too. This is rare, and akin to magic when it happens, so soak it up as fuel for the next time, when it doesn't come so easily."
-Kristina Riggle, from her forward to Write Michigan 2014 Anthology

Nearly 900 writers from accross Michigan entered the second annual Write Michigan Short Story Contest. The contest offers opportunities for writers in three categories- 11 and under, 12-17 years old and age 18 and older- with three cash prizes awarded in each category. Entering a story amounts to holding your dreams, ideas, visions, joys and sorrows up to the glaring light of others' opinions. First a group of 144 volunteer reviewers narrowed the field to 10 semifinalists in each category. A panel of judges, most published authors themselves, then reviewed the semifinalists' stories to see which ones shone the brightest, while the public cast over 3500 votes for their favorites.

This anthology of short stories offers the brightest gems imagined by Michigan writers. Printed in these pages are sixteen stories, including the Judges' Choice, Judges' Choice Runner-Up, Readers' Choice and published finalists in each of the three categories. These stories shine and we invite you to feel their magic. Visit www.writemichigan.org for information on the Write Michigan Contest.



What I Learned in Life from a Liquid Manure Pit by Stan Barnes ($14.99)

This book is a summary of interesting happenings, events and fun stories I experienced during my incredible four and a half years of selling directly to farmers in most of the farm belt, breadbasket states. I personally sold to them nut and bolt collections and tools of all kinds. These sales were made mostly on their farms. However, I also sold to them at county fairs and the once a year, National Farm Machinery Show. It is a fascinating tale of how a city boy became educated by “trial and error” in the arts and skills of selling to people I had never met before I drove into their farmyard; met them at one of their staging areas; or caught them in town having coffee with fellow farmers.

I can state without question these things that happened to me during this period of my life: (1) I learned more about selling to people than I had been taught or experienced before or since; (2) I made more money per capita than I have ever earned before or since, and (3) My life was permanently changed for the good (4) And I learned to love and respect the American farmer and all their trials and tribulations.

This book is a sales and humor book, filled with timeless sales tidbits and words of wisdom.

“Stan Barnes has assembled a collection of powerful stories that will make you laugh, and put a smile on your checkbook too, if you do what he suggests. It’s a great book, by a great guy, at the right time when our economy needs a serious shot in confidence and sales. Read each page with a highlighter and understand you are being mentored by a master.” Tony Rubleski – Speaker/Consultant/Author of: #1 Bestselling Book “Mind Capture”



Mind Your Own Business by Tommy Brann ($12.99)

This book explores the life of restaurateur Tommy Brann, who has been at one location for over 40 years. Tommy, at the age of 19, became the youngest restaurant owner in Michigan. He shares the ups and downs of running a successful small business. The book advocates free enterprise and entrepreneurship in an entertaining way. You will enjoy Tommy's 13 lessons on how to treat your small business.



It Rained in the Desert: One Woman’s Story of Spirit and Resilience
by Jocelyn Dettloff ($20.00)

The unexpected can be a gift that teaches us who we are and what we can be.

On Sunday, April 13, 1997 Jocelyn's life abruptly changed within a matter of seconds.

As a free-spirited, unsettled woman, she travelled across the globe seeking adventure and purpose, returning home just long enough to earn enough money for the next trek. While in Namibia, Africa as a part of a three month, sub-Saharan camping trip, Jocelyn broke her back in a sledding accident and was instantly paralyzed--permanently.

While unsought and unwanted, it was an adventure, and one of high stakes. Jocelyn had a choice--would she embrace this full on as she did other challenges or withdraw and let life pass her by? While surviving an accident thousands of miles from home has its own merit, the real grit and depth of her story comes from how she created a new way of truly living.

Moving on and not dwelling on the 'why,' while by no means easy, is a powerful decision anyone experiencing a life-altering event can make. Through struggle, grief and anger were all part of the journey, her family, friends and faith helped Jocelyn create a new life. Read her gripping story filled with tragedy, humor, joy and adventure.



Remarkable Ramona Park by Gail M. Snow ($33.00)

Between the covers of this book lies the history of the amusement park that was situated on the shores of Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 1903 through 1954. The story of the background, entertainment, amusements and events of Ramona Park is told through narrative, photographs, newspaper clippings, and stories. The people who attended the park are passionate about their memories of it, and it is the sincere hope of the author that a journey through this volume will be like a journey through the park once again. Likewise, perhaps for those who did not go to Ramona Park, it will provide a good sense of having been there.

In the six decades since its closing in 1954, historians and history mavens have longed for a thorough, all-encompassing volume on the remarkable, often astonishing history of Ramona. Until now, the intimate story of this very special place on the beautiful shores of Reeds Lake, east of Grand Rapids, has resided mostly in the memories, and dispersing scrapbooks of a generation that worked and played there, but is sadly fading away. Gail Snow's wonderful book has gathered and captured all of these fond memories, and in the process has preserved forever what Ramona was. This book is a must have for anyone interested in the history of Western Michigan, in the history and impact of amusement parks in the late 19th & early 20th century America, and in seeing the way that Americans of every stripe spent their time, and money during this fascinating era. Remarkable Ramona Park won't duplicate the original dazzling Ramona experience, or replace a ride on the Derby Racer, but, my goodness...
it comes close.


Hunted by DJ DeSmyter ($10.99)

Seventeen-year-old Lily Atwater has always kept to herself, living a lonely life with her workaholic dad. Not the most thrilling life, but it's quiet and ordinary, two things she's come to expect from living in Victor Hills, Michigan.

When kind and mysterious Alex takes refuge in her home, she is suddenly thrown into his world of werewolves, a world he wants to keep her safe from. But while the two of them grow closer, a relentless hunter continues his search, stalking the woods with hopes of catching the wolf that got away...

Author Bio:
DJ DeSmyter is the author of Hunted, a young adult paranormal romance novel. He has always loved reading and buys books like some people buy shoes. When he's not writing, DJ can be found wandering around taking photos of the unobserved or pounding away at the piano writing music. His song "Delirium" was selected to be the official fan song for Lauren Oliver's bestselling novel of the same name.

Kingtones 1964 by Bruce Snoap ($12.99)

An insider's view of The Kingtones' 1964 Spring Break adventure taking over one of the most popular clubs in Fort Lauderdale Florida!

In 1957, the Kingtones, one of Grand Rapids' most famous early rock and roll bands, began creating their musical legacy which lasted over half a century. They were one of the most enduring and successful regional rock groups from the state of Michigan.

During the freezing winter of 1964 the Kingtones were burning up the charts in Detroit and Grand Rapids with a hot bullet they recorded named “Twins.” Their performances were among the biggest entertainment news items in Michigan, as they shared the same stages with Bobby Vee, Del Shannon, The Beach Boys and Bobby Vinton.

With their confidence running high, they figured they could take the band down to Florida during the 1964 spring break and find a job playing in a nightclub. This captivating book is based on band member Bruce Snoap's diary. It portrays their struggles with finding work for the band and earning money for food and expenses, as well as the amusing interactions of these band members who lived together in cramped, cheap motel rooms. Witness their camaraderie, the girls, the fights, the rejections, the laughter and their eventual triumph as they finally secured a job at Porky's, one of the most popular nightclubs in Fort Lauderdale. Get ready to enjoy an insider's view of a brief yet incredible part of the Kingtones fifty year career!

Thoughts on Thursdays by Timothy S. Penning ($15.00)

"Thoughts on Thursdays" is a collection of newspaper columns that have appeared in the Grand Haven Tribune on the second Thursday of the month for a decade, and continue at the time of publication.

Written by Spring Lake, Michigan resident and college professor Tim Penning, the columns range in topic from politics, to the environment, to faith, to human relationships. They are alternately humorous and serious. They also vary in focus from local to national and international subjects, but all have a perspective from West Michigan, or "views from the shores of Lake Michigan."

Michigan's Guide to Local Cooking by Susan Clemente ($26.95)

Everyone eats and everyone enjoys food; it nourishes our bodies and our souls. But where does all this food originate and how was it grown? What are the differences in farming techniques? Which Michigan crops are available at peak ripeness and when? What recipes can I create using our local seasonal foods? For those seeking to reap the benefits of more conscious eating and looking to support Michigan's abundant local food growers, this is your go-to guide.

Michigan's Guide to Local Cooking is not only a cookbook, it also educates the readers about the importance of eating locally. The first few chapters explore the differences in farming methods, the production of our food, how it affects our environment and local economies. Confusing food labeling, and pesticide loads in fruits, vegetables, and seafood are provided in charts. Purchasing options for local fresh foods and the time of year each crop reaches its seasonal peak are also detailed.

The remaining chapters are dedicated to delicious recipes for seasonal dishes — including small plates, soups, pizza & pasta, protein and last but not least sweets. Last, a reference section provides additional resources for a deeper understanding of the impact of your food choices as well as where to purchase local foods.

Just Good Food For Good Friends by Dirk Hoffius ($15.00)

"This entire book is filled to the brim with unfussy, approachable cooking. In other words, the food everyone wants to eat, all the time. The only problem is that after flipping through the pages, you'll wish you could score an invitation to eat at Dirk's house every night of the week!" - Alan Sytsma

"These recipes use ingredients you are likely to have on hand to create accessible, tasty dishes that will delight your friends and family." - Peachy Rentenbach, Restaurant consultant and former owner of La Becasse in Burdickville, Michigan

"As a professional chef I have always been taught that simple is best. Just Good Food For Good Friends exemplifies this philosophy." - Chris Perkey, Executive Chef, Kent Country Club

"Dirk Hoffius set out to preserve his favorite recipes for his family and, in the process, has done us all a favor. I found several "lost" recipes that my mother used to make that I intend to pass on to my children as my own." - George Heartwell, Mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and chef de son maison

Splitting Wood by Tom Rademacher ($14.99)

For years, readers of The Grand Rapids Press have been urging Tom Rademacher to publish a book of his best works. Say hello to "Splitting Wood," a compilation of columns that spans his years at the newspaper. A native of Grand Rapids, Rademacher used imagery and his keen powers of observation to deliver exceptional stories of everyday people, and "Splitting Wood" brings it all home in a book that is nothing less than a keepsake.

Tom Rademacher has been employed part-time as a lifeguard, factory worker, silkscreener, taxi-cab driver, handyman and swim coach. He has now worked nearly 31 years at The Grand Rapids Press.