Out of Print Local Titles

Thanks to the Espresso Book Machine and Google Books, we are able to reprint some local interest titles that have been out of print for a long time. Here are some titles that are available from our database:

A History and Directory of Kent County by James Dillenback (1870) $14.00

This edition is a reprint of a rather rare early history of Kent County and Grand Rapids. As was typical of early "directories" of this sort, a prose section about the area covered by the book was included, in addition to the listings of business and individuals. The historical portion was almost certainly written by Dillenback, and is viewed today as a reliable source of very early historical information about the city. This book is the first published history of Grand Rapids and Kent County, and includes some very interesting advertisements for local firms. Special thanks to Mr. Tom Dilley (from the Grand Rapids Historical Society) for providing information about this book.


Past and Present of the City of Lansing and Ingham County, Michigan by Albert E. Cowles (1905) $10.00

The original edition, published in 1905(?), was composed of a history of Lansing and Ingham County, which is reproduced here, and almost 700 pages of "many of its leading and prominent citizens and illustrious dead" (from the original title page). Unfortunately, the scan for the original book is missing pages in the biographies section of the book so we decided not to print it.


A History of the City of Lansing, From the Foundation Thereof Down to the Present Time by M. Dash (1870) $8.00

This short history of Lansing (58 pages) was originally published in 1870.


1891 Grand Rapids City Guide and Directory by Matthew J. Kolts $12.00

The 1891-1892 Grand Rapids City Guide and Directory differs from the usual city directory. It contains a fascinating collection of information in its 145 pages, and certainly some of the most interesting pages are 1-61. Each displays one section of the city's 61 sections included within the 1891 city boundaries. Also, each page shows streets, address numbers, relevant public buildings, schools, churches, street railway lines, railroad lines, and unplotted areas. The remaining 84 pages include a Church Directory, Railway Distance Table, Merchants, city ordinances, and a number of other items under Miscellaneous. All in all, an informative peek at the late 19th century Grand Rapids. 


A Magdalen’s Life by Georgie Young (late 1880s) $10.00

In "A Magdalen's Life," Georgie Young, Grand Rapids' most famous courtesan during the 1880s, describes her early life and how it led her to the world's "oldest profession." The book was written to raise money for her cause, a home for fallen women, which became known as the Emerson Home. Includes an introduction by Diana Barrett from the Grand Rapids Historical Commission.


History of Grand Rapids by Charles Richard Tuttle (1874) $10.00

The first ever history of Grand Rapids


Pioneer Recollections: Semi-Historic Side Lights on the Early Days of Lansing by Daniel S. Mevis (1911) $10.00

This little book deals mostly "with the first ten years of the founding and development of the capitol city of the state of Michigan, together with the faces of some of the more prominent pioneers." (from the introduction)


The Story of Grand Rapids, Michigan by Carol Mary Holt (1915) $10.00

A booklet prepared for the Grand Rapids Public Schools.


Old Grand Rapids, Pen Pictures by Arthur S. White (1925) $8.00

A selection of White's contributions to different local newspapers from the beginning of the 20th century to 1925. Full of anecdotes and quirky details.


A Citizens' History of Grand Rapids, compiled and edited by William J. Etten (1926) $12.00

The intent of this publication, marking the Campau Centennial, was to "give the reader an idea of how Grand Rapids grew from a wilderness and out of swamps into a modern, progressive, well-governed municipality." Includes maps, pictures and original documents.


The Yesterdays of Grand Rapids by Charles E. Belknap (1922) $12.00 (Image not yet available.)

Full of interesting anecdotes about the early history of Grand Rapids.


Grand Rapids Flora: a catalog of the flowering plants and ferns growing without cultivation in the vicinity of Grand Rapids, Michigan by Emma J. Cole (1901) $12.00 (Image not yet available.)

An academically worthwhile botany book but no illustrations.


Please check with us about the availability of other old and out of print titles at 616-942-2561.