Michigan's Guide to Local Cooking

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by Susan Clemente

Everyone eats and everyone enjoys food; it nourishes our bodies and our souls. But where does all this food originate and how was it grown? What are the differences in farming techniques? Which Michigan crops are available at peak ripeness and when? What recipes can I create using our local seasonal foods? For those seeking to reap the benefits of more conscious eating and looking to support Michigan's abundant local food growers, this is your go-to guide.

Michigan's Guide to Local Cooking is not only a cookbook, it also educates the readers about the importance of eating locally. The first few chapters explore the differences in farming methods, the production of our food, how it affects our environment and local economies. Confusing food labeling, and pesticide loads in fruits, vegetables, and seafood are provided in charts. Purchasing options for local fresh foods and the time of year each crop reaches its seasonal peak are also detailed.

The remaining chapters are dedicated to delicious recipes for seasonal dishes — including small plates, soups, pizza & pasta, protein and last but not least sweets. Last, a reference section provides additional resources for a deeper understanding of the impact of your food choices as well as where to purchase local foods.
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