Book Clubs at Schuler Books

We are excited to help unite book groups with their selections.

Registration is as simple as filling out a single sheet with your group name, meeting day, and your contact information. Once you are registered with us, and have informed us of your current choice, your members will be able to find their books here on the book group table at a 20% discount. Because book group titles are curated and handled through the group's administrator, books taken from our shelves or ordered online are not eligible for the book group discount.

We have developed the following system to facilitate the process.

  • 6 weeks before you want to discuss your book, inform us of your selection. We will need to know title, author, ISBN, number of copies and meeting date for each title.
  • 4 weeks before your discussion date we will put your discounted title out on the table.
  • Enjoy!

Let us know about your selections.

Grand Rapids
by phone: (616) 942-2561
by email:

by phone: (517) 349-8840
by email:

Ann Arbor
by phone: (734) 662-0600
by email: 

West Bloomfield
by phone: (248) 956-1515 
by email:

You may tell us about your selections one at a time, a year’s worth, or anything in between. It works best to choose at least 2 titles the first time. Then you can choose your subsequent titles knowing you have one in the pipeline as a buffer.

By signing up at your favorite location, you are telling us this store is the one where your members will come to pick up their copies. If you would like a different Schuler location to serve as your pick-up site, register with them by calling that store. They will be happy to help.

Thank you so much for choosing Schuler Books.
We love to help share the delights of reading.