The Hallowed Hunt (Chalion #3) (Mass Market Paperbound)

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A magnificent epic tale of devotion, possession, obsession, and strange destiny from the author of the Hugo Award-winning

Paladin of Souls

Lois McMaster Bujold

The half-mad Prince Boleso has been slain by a noblewoman he had intended to defile -- and Lord Ingrey kin Wilfcliff must transport the body to its burial place and the accused killer, the Lady Ijada, to judgment. With the death of the old Hallow King imminent and the crown in play, the road they must travel together is a dangerous one. And though he is duty-bound to deliver his prisoner to an almost certain death, Ijada may be the only one Ingrey dares trust. For a monstrous malevolence holds the haunted lord in its sway -- and a great and terrible destiny has been bestowed upon him by the gods, the damned, and the dead.

Praise For…

“An unusual kind of ghost story that transcends the usual intimate form by several degrees of magnitude.”

“Well worth exploring, offering a new twist on Bujold’s addictive mix of suspense, romance, heroism, politics, and unconventional religion.”

Product Details
ISBN: 9780060574741
ISBN-10: 0060574747
Publisher: Voyager
Publication Date: May 30th, 2006
Pages: 436
Language: English
Series: Chalion