Aftermath of Dreaming (Paperback)

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Hypnotic and beautifully written, Aftermath of Dreaming is an incandescent first novel of odern life and love.

Other than the little problem that she is waking up screaming in the middle of the night, life is wonderful for Yvette Broussard. Her jewelry-design career is taking off, she's back with her sort-of boyfriend, and, best of all, she no longer thinks about her once-in-a-lifetime love, international movie star Andrew Madden. Until a chance encounter with him changes everything.

Swept up by memories of their complex relationship, Yvette is plunged into an obsession with Andrew that ultimately forces her to confront the past she thought she had left behind. At the same time, she is juggling the demands of her bride-to-be sister and her male best friend, who is jealous of other men, and thoughts of her estranged father.

Set against the glittering worlds of Los Angeles and New York, and told with both humor and pathos, Aftermath of Dreaming explores the universal themes of abandonment, forgiveness, and letting go.

Praise For…

DeLauné Michel makes a striking debut here, delivering a novel that is as emotionally earnest as it is socially astute.
-Meghan Daum, author of The Quality of Life Report

DeLauné Michel writes with the voice of a troubled angel, at once painfully funny and devastatingly real.
-Jerry Stahl, author of A Density of Souls

A promising debut with room to grow.
-Kirkus Reviews

Aftermath of Dreaming is a terrific read. The writing style is unique and oh-so pleasurable. I didn’t want the novel to end. It is one of the very few great novels of the last two years. Delauné Michel is a marvelous writer.
-Diane Leslie, author of Fleur de Leigh's Life of Crime

Michel’s crisp writing and keen observations make her a writer to watch.

A terrific read. One of the few great novels of the last two years. DeLauné Michel is a marvelous writer.
-Diane Leslie, author of Fleur de Leigh's Life of Crime

Michel’s fine a harrowing, bi-coastal meditation on unrequited love and fame from a writer schooledin southern humor.
-Whitney Terrell, author of The King of Kings County

Aftermath of Dreaming is an ambitious beginning for DeLauné Michel, a romance of high sophistication for the genre from a young Baton Rouge native worthy of our attention.
-The Advocate

“Mesmerizing, compelling, and deeply moving. A real and rare accomplishment.”
-Christopher Rice, author of A Density of Souls

“The ride is enlivened by bits of true brilliance. Yvette has a sharp eye and an observant wit, drawing the reader into her Southern memories.”
-New Orleans Times-Picayune

...a promising novelist with a strong literary pedigree...DeLauné Michel’s Aftermath of Dreaming is rich in insights.
-Josh Getlin, Los Angeles Times

“Author DeLauné Michel introduces us to Yvette Broussard—a deliciously intellectual, sensitive beauty with a wicked, yet—blame it on her southern roots—polite wit. Yvette is the most intriguing female heroine of recent fiction.”

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ISBN: 9780060817343
ISBN-10: 0060817348
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: December 13th, 2013
Pages: 392
Language: English