Inside Out Girl: A Novel (Paperback)

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Rachel Berman wants everything to be perfect. An overprotective single mother of two, she is acutely aware of the statistical dangers lurking around every corner—which makes her snap decision to aid a stranded motorist wholly uncharacteristic. Len Bean is stuck on the shoulder with Olivia, his relentlessly curious, learning disabled ten-year-old daughter. To the chagrin of Rachel's children, who are about to be linked to the most-mocked girl in school, Rachel and Len begin dating. And when Len receives terrible news, little Olivia needs a hero more than ever.

But the world refuses to be predictable. When personal crisis profoundly alters Rachel's relationship with a wild, very special little girl, this perfectionist mother finds herself drawn into a mystery from her past and toward a new appreciation for her own children's imperfect lives.

Praise For…

“Rich in character and heart.” — Marti Leimbach, author of DANIEL ISN’T TALKING “Brimming with heart, spirit, and most of all, hope.” — Michelle Richmond, author of THE YEAR OF FOG “Each character is richly drawn and the story poignant and tender.” — Patricia Wood, author of LOTTERY

“A spirited, fast-paced novel, INSIDE OUT GIRL is rich in character and heart.”

“Inside Out Girl had me from the very first page. Each character is richly drawn and the story poignant and tender. Olivia is a memorable character who will stay in my heart for a long, long time.”

“INSIDE OUT GIRL is brimming with heart, spirit, and most of all, hope. Tish Cohen has written a life-affirming novel about the families we choose, those that are chosen for us, and the possibility of second chances.”

“Inside Out Girl is a wise, witty gem, populated with characters who will live with each of us long after the last page has been turned. Olivia Bean has taken her place alongside my favorite literary heroes.”

“In Inside Out Girl, we meet Olivia, a ten-year-old with ‘neurological differences.’ Compassionate, sweet, and even heroic - you’ll be glad you met her.”
Product Details
ISBN: 9780061452956
ISBN-10: 0061452955
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: August 12th, 2008
Pages: 352
Language: English
Series: P.S.