Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense (Hardcover)

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Not since C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity has such a wise and informed leader taken the time to explain what Christianity is and how it is practiced. In Simply Christian, renowned biblical scholar and Anglican bishop N.T. Wright makes a case for Christianity from the ground up. Walking the reader through the Christian faith step-by-step and question by question, Wright’s Simply Christian offers explanations for even the toughest doubt-filled skeptics, leaving believers with a reason for renewed faith. 

Praise For…

“Readers will welcome such ready access to one of the fine teachers of the church.”

“Simply Christian is an amazing testimony to the vitality…of the Christian faith—and to the skill of N. T. Wright.”

“[No one] has done more to clarify what [...] Christianity looks like in our day than Tom Wright.”

“Fresh, engaging, and highly readable…Simply Christian [is] an invaluable guide for seekers and doubters as well as believers.”

“N.T. Wright is uniquely qualified to convey the enduring substance of Christian life and thought to contemporary people.”

“Brilliant Bishop Wright is one of God’s best gifts to our decaying Western church...”

“We are in Mere Christianity territory here [...] Bound to be a classic.”

“N.T. Wright is simply crucial; his writing can transform one’s life.”

“Wright attempts a 21st-century counterpart to Lewis’s Mere Christianity. . . . notably clear, readable and thought-provoking.”

“Wright offers...[an] intelligent view of Christianity, and his title invites us to compare his work with Lewis’s [...] Mere Christianity.”

“Simply Christian is simply outstanding. It will confirm, challenge, and deepen your grasp of Christian faith and practice.”
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ISBN: 9780061920622
ISBN-10: 0061920622
Publisher: HarperOne
Publication Date: February 9th, 2010
Pages: 256
Language: English