Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings (Paperback)

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Incorporating ten new readings and expanded pedagogical features, the fourth edition of Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings is the most complete--and economically priced--introductory anthology in the philosophy of religion. It presents seventy-eight selections (more than any other
collection) organized into fourteen thematic sections, providing instructors with great flexibility in organizing their courses. Addressing both classical concepts and a host of contemporary issues, the readings cover all of the standard subjects--including religious experience, divine attributes,
theistic arguments, the problem of evil, and miracles--as well as more recent topics like reformed epistemology, process theism, the kalam cosmological argument, the religion-science controversy, religious ethics, and the diversity of world religions. While it deals primarily with the Western and
analytic traditions in philosophy, the book also incorporates readings representing continental, feminist, and Asian perspectives.

The fourth edition offers enhanced pedagogy including substantially expanded section introductions, numerous new glossary terms, and updated suggestions for further reading. It also provides ten new selections, including pieces by Daniel Dennett, Stephen T. Davis, and Gottfried Leibniz, and work on
various issues in religion and science by William Dembski, Philip Kitcher, John Lennox, and John Polkinghorne. As in the previous edition, study questions appear at the end of each selection. An excellent stand-alone text for courses in the philosophy of religion, Philosophy of Religion: Selected
Readings, Fourth Edition, is also a perfect companion to the editors' textbook, Reason and Religious Belief, Fourth Edition (OUP, 2008), as the two books share the same topical organization.

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ISBN: 9780195393590
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Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: November 1st, 2009
Pages: 656
Language: English