Treatise on the Virtues (Paperback)

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By Thomas Aquinas, John A. Oesterle (Translator)
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In his Treatise on the Virtues, Aquinas discusses the character and function of habit; the essence, subject, cause, and meaning of virtue; and the separate intellectual, moral, cardinal, and theological virtues. His work constitutes one of the most thorough and incisive accounts of virtue in the history of Christian philosophy. John Oesterle's accurate and elegant translation makes this enduring work readily accessible to the modern reader.

About the Author

The late John A. Oesterle was assistant chairman of the department of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame (1972-1977) and the editor of The New Scholasticism (1967-1977).

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ISBN: 9780268018559
ISBN-10: 0268018553
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 1992
Pages: 176
Language: English