Psychotherapy and Aphasia: Interventions for Emotional Wellbeing and Relationships (Neuro-Disability and Psychotherapy) (Paperback)

Psychotherapy and Aphasia: Interventions for Emotional Wellbeing and Relationships (Neuro-Disability and Psychotherapy) Cover Image
By Kate H. Meredith (Editor), Giles N. Yeates (Editor)
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Psychotherapy and Aphasia: Interventions for Emotional Wellbeing and Relationships is an exciting international collaboration among clinical neuropsychologists, speech and language therapists and family therapists that details a range of innovative psychotherapeutic interventions to enable people with communication disorders and their families to access meaningful support.

People with aphasia and other acquired communication disorders can face significant challenges accessing emotional support. Many traditional forms of psychotherapy are based on spoken language, rendering it inaccessible for many people with communication disorders. But the book details a range of techniques that move away from reliance on spoken language, including total communication strategies, the use of meaningful objects, experiential process, group experience and mind-body practices.

Featuring clinical examples which cover a range of stroke and neurology service contexts, the book includes contributions from a range of therapeutic models; from speech and language therapy and family therapy to clinical neuropsychology, cognitive-behavioural, systemic, narrative and mind-body traditions. It therefore provides clinicians with a wide-range of practical and theoretical tools to explore when supporting survivors who experience psychological distress during rehabilitation. It is the only book aimed at both speech and language therapists and psychotherapists, and will open up new pathways to support.

About the Author

Kate H. Meredith worked as a speech and language therapist in acquired brain injury and neurology services for 15 years, retraining as a family and systemic psychotherapist to support families with the relational impact of communication disorders. Kate currently works in child and adolescent mental health services and independently in Cardiff.Dr Giles N. Yeates is Editor of the journal and book series Neuro-Disability and Psychotherapy, in addition to the Brain Injury book series (Routledge). As a clinical neuropsychologist in community neuro-rehabilitation, his clinical work and research focus on the innovation of psychological therapies and support of relationships following acquired brain injury. Dr Yeates is currently innovating the use of Tai Ji in neuro-rehabilitation.

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ISBN: 9780367141400
ISBN-10: 036714140X
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: December 19th, 2019
Pages: 172
Language: English
Series: Neuro-Disability and Psychotherapy