Ethnodramatherapy: Integrating Research, Therapy, Theatre and Social Activism Into One Method (Paperback)

Ethnodramatherapy: Integrating Research, Therapy, Theatre and Social Activism Into One Method Cover Image
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Ethnodramatherapy explores the integration of the performance ethnography method, known as ethnodrama, with the principles and practices of drama therapy to establish a sound theoretical formulation for ethnodramatherapy, and considers its use as art, as therapy, as research and as a vehicle for social justice. 

The book begins by defining ethnodramatherapy - an original synthesis created by the author through deep study and practice of Mienczakowski's enthnodrama, combined with 35 years of his own practice and research in drama therapy, creative arts therapies and therapeutic theatre. The book describes the origins of ethnodramatherapy, along with its evolution and method. It then delves into applications of the practice highlighted by five case studies with different audiences in different settings. Subjects include adults with developmental disabilities, female adolescents in youth protection, caregivers for loved ones with mental illnesses and Chinese students exploring controversial issues of oppression in China. Complex ethical issues are reviewed and suggestions are made on how to deal with some of the challenging ethical situations that are likely to arise in the ethnodramatherapy process. What emerges is a powerful tool that harnesses theatrical art, ethnographic research and the clinical techniques of drama therapy to create a potential for emancipatory experience for both performers and audiences.  

This exciting and dynamic synthesis of drama therapy, performance ethnography, theatrical art and social activism will be of interest to the whole community of theatre practitioners and scholars who use theatre to effect individual and social change, including the disciplines of applied theatre, theatre education, experimental theatre, performance studies, and, of course, drama therapy, psychodrama and the other creative arts therapies.

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Publication Date: November 25th, 2021
Pages: 304
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