The Pspp Guide (Second Edition): An Introduction to Statistical Analysis (Paperback)

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The PSPP Guide (Second Edition) is a step-by-step introduction to using the PSPP Statistical Analysis application. The purpose of this guide is to assist the novice social science and educational researcher in interpreting statistical output data using PSPP. Through the examples and guidance you will be able to select, apply, and use a statistical test's output table. The guide includes information on Chi Square, t-Test (One Sample, Independent Samples, Paired samples), ANOVA using Confidence Intervals, ANOVA using Contrasts, Univariate Analysis with the General Linear Model for Two-Way ANOVA, Correlation, and Regression analysis (Linear and Binomial Logistic). This guide also explains Factor Analysis as a data reduction technique and Reliability testing for inter-rater reliability. P-value and the techniques to calculate Effect Size are discussed. There are simple, guided steps to interpreting the output tables along with explanations concerning the statistical values.

The intention of this guide is to provide the novice researcher with a step-by-step guide to using these powerful analysis tools and to gain the confidence to read and interpret output tables in order to guide their own research.

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Publication Date: March 14th, 2017
Pages: 196
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