Vietnamese Cuisine (Paperback)

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Vietnamese cooking boasts truly unique flavours. Vietnamese cooking is composed of a great variety of main staples. Besides rice and breads, other ingredients include rice paper (banh trang), fresh rice noodles (banh pho), rice boodles (bun), tapioca sticks, and Vietnamese rice noodles. To facilitate the reader's access to and appreciation of Vietnamese cuisine, this cookbook is formatted with photographs to complement text and ingredients. Additionally, this book provides a special section on fragrant accompaniments and an array of sauces that showcase the traditional flavours of Vietnamese cuisine, including Fragrant Spices/Herbs, Sweet/Sour Carrots and Turnips, and several dipping sauces. This cookbook begins with an introductory section on commonly used sauces and ingredients for the reader's convenience when purchasing. With a total of 85 recipes, this book includes colour photographs of dishes and ingredients.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780941676779
ISBN-10: 0941676773
Publisher: Wei Quan/ Tsai Fong Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 1999
Pages: 96
Language: English