Becoming Bulletproof: Survive and Thrive in Any Situation (Paperback)

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After more than 2 decades of walking the entrepreneurial journey of struggle and triumph, Carl had finally achieved financial freedom and life was looking pretty good... then one day his world suddenly came crashing down.

What came next was a journey of re-discovery allowing Carl to truly embody and experience the incredible power of the human mind and come face-to-face with the stories we tell ourselves.

It was in his moments of greatest pain that he found his greatest strength.

In Becoming Bulletproof, Carl Taylor (Author of #1 Business Book, Red Means Go ) shares his deepest insights into the truth of the world we live in, and the power of how we perceive life is within our control.

Imagine being invincible to...

- Losing millions of dollars in your business due to a market regulation
- Finding out your business partner has been stealing from you for 5 years
- Your 10 year relationship coming to an end after an intimate betrayl
- Getting a diagnosis from the doctor and it's life threateningly serious
- Waking up in the hospital and hearing "Sorry, we had to amputate"

... or whatever the worst possible scenario you can ever imagine happening, yet you take it in your stride and continue to be happy, fulfilled and excited about life.

Whether you feel like you've just been kicked and bruised so much that you're not sure how you can go on... OR you feel like you're absolutely winning at life and nothing can stop you... This book reveals the exact strategies you can immediately apply to develop a level of peace and power that few discover in their lifetime.

Read this and you'll become a better friend, a better sibling, a better student, a better partner, a better parent, a better leader, the best version of YOU.

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ISBN: 9780980763225
ISBN-10: 0980763223
Publisher: Kaizen Publishing
Publication Date: July 10th, 2020
Pages: 130
Language: English