Powered ON: The Sounds I choose to hear & the NOISE I don't (Paperback)

Powered ON: The Sounds I choose to hear & the NOISE I don't Cover Image
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About the Author

Sarah Churman was born legally deaf. Despite the challenges she faced through the years, she never let her disability define her. At the age of 29, she underwent surgery to implant an internal device designed to enable natural hearing. The powerful and emotional moment in which she heard a human voice clearly for the first time was captured on video. It went viral, becoming a YouTube sensation and leading to memorable appearances on national television shows such as Ellen, The Today Show, and many others. She has used these public platforms to become a vocal advocate for insurance reforms benefiting the deaf and disabled, so that others may experience the world as fully as she can. Although Sarah has discovered that not every sound is as sweet to her as the voices of her husband and two children, she finds unique joys every day in subtleties that many of us take for granted- from the trickle of water in a shower to the rustling of leaves on the ground. Currently, Sarah and her family enjoy the sounds of rural Texas.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780985603359
ISBN-10: 0985603356
Publisher: Indigo River
Publication Date: May 15th, 2017
Pages: 146
Language: English