Blood Price (Paperback)

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Blood Price prowls the alleys...

The cat hissed, its attention focused on something approaching her from behind. Blood Price spun around fast enough to take the hit from the front, but her attacker still knocked her flat. It reminded her of pictures she'd seen of black jaguars, but its body was smaller, its snout was blunter, and there were patches in its coat through which she could see muscle and bone.

At the moment, however, both her mind and her hands were occupied as she grasped it by the neck, keeping its teeth away from her throat...

By day she's Penny Price, sixteen, related to an industrialist, wanting to do something important with her life. By night she's Blood Price, attired in purple tights and a domino mask, fighting chaos and the beasties that emerge to cause chaos. With the help of a wolfboy and a magic girl and a ghost, she takes on all adversaries. But one day... well, but that would spoil it.

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ISBN: 9781087848105
ISBN-10: 1087848105
Publisher: Alban Lake Publishing LLC
Publication Date: August 1st, 2014
Pages: 58
Language: English