Psychoanalytic Geographies. Edited by Paul Kingsbury and Steve Pile (Hardcover)

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Psychoanalytic Geographies is a unique, path-breaking volume and a core text for anyone seeking to grasp how psychoanalysis helps us understand fundamental geographical questions, and how geographical understandings can offer new ways of thinking psychoanalytically. Elaborating on a variety of psychoanalytic approaches that embrace geographical imaginations and a commitment toward spatial thinking, this book demonstrates the breadth, depth, and vitality of cutting edge work in psychoanalytic geographies and presents readers with as wide a set of options as possible for taking psychoanalysis forward in their own work. It covers a wide range of themes and perspectives in terms of theoretical approaches such as Freudian, Lacanian, Kristevan, and Irigarayian; conceptual issues such as space, power, identity, culture, political economy, colonialism, ethics, and aesthetics; disciplinary insights including Geography, English, Sexuality Studies, and History of Science; as well as empirical contexts such as the reception of psychoanalysis in early twentieth century England, psychoanalytic geographies of violence and creativity in a small Mexican city, visual cultures of second-generation Iranian artists living in Los Angeles, and the hysterical underpinnings of climate change scepticism.

About the Author

Paul Kingsbury is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University. His research uses the social theories of Jacques Lacan and Friedrich Nietzsche to explore cultural geographies of power and aesthetics. He is the author of numerous journal articles and the co-editor (with Gavin Andrews and Robin Kearns) of Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music (2014). Steve Pile teaches Geography in the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Open University, UK. He has published on issues concerning place and the politics of identity. He is author of Real Cities (2005) and The Body and The City (1996). He is currently working on early Freudian psychoanalysis and geographies of the body.

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