Statlab Online (Paperback)

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STATLAB Online is an innovative new product for Introductory Statistics courses. It is an online laboratory that allows students to actively participate in classic behavioral experiments by gathering and analyzing their own data. Students are guided through the analysis of their data to demonstrate different statistical techniques in a meaningful way. Students and their instructor can also analyze data generated by the whole class. By working with their own data, STATLAB Online provides a new way for students to appreciate the relevance of statistical analyses for understanding human behavior.

This slimpack contains an access code for one user.

STATLAB Online is designed for class or group use, rather than individual use. Students: your instructor will set up your class group online and invite you to join. You will log onto the STATLAB Online website, enter your access code from the slimpack, and join the group. You′ll find full instructions in this slimpack.

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ISBN: 9781412991209
ISBN-10: 141299120X
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Publication Date: September 19th, 2011
Pages: 1
Language: English