Statistics Translated: A Step-by-Step Guide to Analyzing and Interpreting Data (Hardcover)

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This book has been replaced by Statistics Translated, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-4625-4540-7.

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"A good index, a glossary of technical terms, appendixes containing statistical tables, useful end-of-chapter summaries, and full answers to all problems are attractive features. The author succeeds in illustrating the importance of statistical techniques for answering all sorts of questions arising in numerous real-life situations. An excellent text for beginners. Highly recommended. Lower-division graduates through professionals in social science or education research."
— Choice Reviews

“A step-by-step practical guide for interpreting research data that acknowledges the role of most students as ‘consumers of statistics rather than statisticians’….Dr. Terrell describes a simple six-step approach that can be used to help select appropriate statistical tools….The book could be used as a resource manual for the student who is seeking a plain and simple explanation of terms and concepts in statistics; but even more beneficial, the eleven chapters are organized to serve as a core textbook for most introductory courses on quantitative and qualitative research methods. Each chapter contains pedagogical features….Provides a straight-forward, no-nonsense six-step approach for interpreting and presenting research data that will stick with ‘consumers’ of statistics long after they finish reading it.”
— Internet and Higher Education

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ISBN: 9781462503216
ISBN-10: 1462503217
Publisher: The Guilford Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2012
Pages: 409
Language: English