The Reincarnation in the Bible and Science: Gods Infinite Mercy Never Ceases (Paperback)

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The author of this book, now in the 9th Brazilian edition by Editora EBM, Sao Paulo, Prof. Jos Reis Chaves studied for Redemptorist priest, is a writer, journalist, philosopher, theologian, and professor of Portuguese Language and Brazilian and Portuguese Literature, graduated from Catholic University of Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. As theosophist he is a scholar of comparative religions, primarily biblical. He came into the phenomenon of reincarnation by the Bible studies and through the researches on reincarnation by renowned scientists from many countries, which counts today with 75 % of Earth's population, regardless of religion. This book demonstrates that the oldest and most universal belief of humanity came from the early Christianity up to the Ecumenical Council of Constantinople (553), and answers questions like these: Is reincarnation against resurrection? Is there an incompatibility between being a Christian and a reincarnationist? Can it be God's infinite mercy with just one earthly life? Is the non-dogmatic resurrection in the Bible material or spiritual? The content of the book is enriched with many biblical quotations, as well as, with philosophical and theological arguments. It's a recipe for those who have accepted the successive lives, and is not a fan of this doctrine. It causes a great impact and it will certainly take you to see it differently and, hence the interest in the study of the subject. The author's message helps people of all religions, but it is mainly for priests, pastors and other scholars of the Bible in depth.

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Publication Date: July 8th, 2014
Pages: 250
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