Freemasonry Inside Out: A New Angle on Masonic Secrets (Paperback)

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This analysis of the masonic brotherhood examines the basic question asked for almost 300 years by the general public and surprisingly by many masons themselves; "If Freemasonry is simply a fraternal and charitable organisation, why is there an almost fanatical obsession with secrecy and mysterious masonic rituals?"

You won't find any fanciful theories here about ancient mystical secret societies, devil worship or world domination by a new world order but a conclusion that perhaps we've all been hoodwinked by one of the longest running pyramid schemes the world has known.

The author (an ex-Worshipful Master) spent 20 years on the inside then another 10 years on the outside looking back in, and has had to grapple with some very challenging personal issues in order to make his analysis of the masonic 'secret' society public. In fact writing and publishing was the only process by which he could challenge and ultimately break the hold of the masonic oath, which is usually powerful enough to prevent such objective analysis. He explains how a chink in the ritual allowed him to see flaws in the oath-taking process that convinced him that he was no longer obligated.

Reader's comment: "Excellent work on many levels Excellent research, excellent reasoning, even though much data is presented the argument is very focused, and the point and ultimate subject is of no secondary importance to anyone - a wake up call to re-examine the doctrines that many have been taking for granted. I was presented with an opportunity to join and am very glad I had a chance to read your book first. I am very thankful to you for helping people like myself to save a lot of time and resources in arriving at an informed decision about masonry. Many thanks "

Foreword by Martin Short, author of Inside the Brotherhood.

"Hugh McFarland helps us penetrate the layers of concealment wrapped around the institution in which he served for so long. His insights are priceless. His courage is profound.

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