Sciatica Exercises & Home Treatment: Simple, Effective Care For Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome (Paperback)

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Sciatica Exercises and Home Treatment provides simple, effective methods of self-treatment for sciatica and piriformis syndrome.Reader Comments About Sciatica Exercises and Home Treatment "This book is excellent. It is easy to read, straight to the point, no fluff, just the stuff. Easy to understand, exercises to ease the pain. An excellent read.""Great book and very informative. An easy read and able to understand. If you have this kind of pain buy it ""Great Author, Dr. George Best knows his stuff The exercises have helped me and the book tells me all about a condition that affects a lot of people "More About Sciatica Exercises and Home Treatment The book begins with an explanation of the common causes of sciatica and piriformis syndrome and ways to tell what is causing your sciatica symptoms so you can treat them most effectively.The book has detailed instructions with illustrations on the most effective sciatica exercises and home treatments including advanced McKenzie exercises, stretching and massage for the piriformis and gluteus minimus muscles, acupressure for sciatica and back pain, a gentle pelvis repositioning technique used by some chiropractors, a method for releasing emotional pain triggers that can contribute to sciatica and back pain, a review of supplements and natural remedies to relieve sciatica, and a technique for easing sciatica and back pain while sitting. The book also reveals Dr. Best's exclusive "intensive care" protocol for getting lasting symptom relief as quickly as possible that has been used successfully by hundreds of sciatica sufferers worldwide.The book goes on to discuss techniques for managing the underlying causes of sciatica long-term to prevent a recurrence of the problem once symptoms have been alleviated.Finally, the book explains the warning signs that can accompany sciatica that indicate when you should seek out professional evaluation and treatment.While the book does reference the author's website as a source of additional information, it is not simply a "marketing piece" like so many Kindle books in the sciatica and back pain niche. This book goes into great detail and is fully illustrated with the critical things you need to know to successfully and safely treat sciatica and piriformis syndrome at home without any assistance or any special equipment.

About the Author

Dr.George F. Best, D.C. is a 1991 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Parker University (formerly Parker College Of Chiropractic) in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Best was valedictorian of his chiropractic school class and was the 1991 recipient of the W. Karl Parker Award for Scholastic Excellence. He has been in private practice in San Antonio, Texas since 1992. In addition to treating numerous sciatica patients in his chiropractic practice, Dr. Best has provided consulting to sciatica sufferers and health care providers from all over the world through his websites and, and through his health-related YouTube channel (http: //

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