Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, 3rd edition (Paperback)

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Professor David Entwistle's Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity is now available in a fully revised 3rd edition. Changes and additions have made throughout this unique volume, including: * 42 additional pages * expanded list of models discussed * more questions for discussions, and * an updated bibliography. As disciplines, psychology and theology share an overlapping interest in the nature and functioning of human beings. This book provides an introduction to many of the worldview issues and philosophical foundations that frame the relationship of psychology and theology, includes scholarly reflection on the integration literature, and surveys five paradigms of possible relationships between psychology and Christianity. The book is designed to help readers become aware of the presuppositional backdrops that each of us brings to these issues, and to understand various approaches for relating psychology and Christianity as partly based on presuppositional assumptions. Questions at the end of each chapter are included to help readers evaluate both the material and their own burgeoning approach to integration. This book is ideal as a textbook for students of psychology and other behavioral and social sciences (social work, sociology, theology, counseling, pastoral counseling) at both the graduate and undergraduate level. It is also written for the broader readership of psychologists, counselors, pastors, and others who are interested in integration. ""This book . . . has been an invaluable text that has provided a unifying foundation to my course in Psychology and Christianity for years. This text provides the history, philosophical foundations, and conceptual framework to assist students in the complex task of relating Christianity to psychology. It also provides the metacognitive knowledge needed to evaluate psychological theories and research findings far into their future."" --Scott White, Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Psychology, Belhaven University ""With this third edition, David Entwistle has improved an already excellent text. The new edition includes significant and expanded coverage of intellectual virtues, as well as contemporary issues in integration, such as how integration might be affected by the emphases of different denominations. Throughout, Entwistle focuses on the possibilities of, and obstacles to, truly integrative work. Students using this new edition will benefit both from its comprehensiveness and clarity."" --John D. Carter, Adjunct Professor, California Baptist University ""For twenty years, I have taught an introductory course on Integration . . . Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity has been on my required textbook list for almost a decade. David Entwistle masterfully tackles critical topics such as kinds, barriers, models, assumptions, and methods of integration, and he weaves church history and philosophy into each discussion. If integration has been a daunting subject, this third edition is a plucky companion for the learning journey."" --Keith A. Puffer, Professor of Psychology, Indiana Wesleyan University ""A personal travel guide into the beautiful and bewildering landscape of Christian faith and its complex relationship to psychology, with a thoughtful and careful buildup of the worldview and philosophical underpinnings of the various approaches."" --R.J. Filius, Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist ""Writing in an engaging personal style, Dr. David Entwistle provides an up-to-date, thoughtful, carefully researched overview of a huge array of scholarly literature relevant to the psychology/Christianity integration. He manages to strike just the right balance, providing a 'big picture' perspective on the field while carefully attending to its many nuances."" --Julie Exline, Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University Praise for the second edition: ""Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Chr.

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