Deep Pantheism: Toward a New Transcendentalism (Paperback)

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This book is a study in a new form of religious naturalism called "Deep Pantheism," which has roots in American Transcendentalism, but also in phenomenology and Asian thought. It argues that the great divide within nature is that between nature naturing and nature natured, the former term defined as "Nature creating itself out of itself alone," while the latter term defined as "The innumerable orders of the World." Explorations are made of the connections among the unconscious of nature, the archetypes, and the various layers of the human psyche. The Selving process is analyzed using the work of C.G.Jung and Otto Rank. Evolution and involution are compared as they relate to the Encompassing, and the priority of art over most forms of religion is argued for.

About the Author

Robert S. Corrington is Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Philosophical Theology at Drew University.

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ISBN: 9781498529716
ISBN-10: 1498529712
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication Date: July 13th, 2017
Pages: 142
Language: English