Nothing & Everything: How to stop fearing nihilism and embrace the void (Paperback)

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We've been told many things. That there is an objective morality to make our actions right and wrong. That there is an objective reason to make our statements true and false. That there is an objective reality to make our experiences real and unreal. And we've been told to submit to this morality, conform to this reason, and yield to this reality.

But if you are reading this then I think that you have already begun to doubt. I suspect you are already asking yourself difficult questions as you try to go to sleep at night. Are there such things as right and wrong? How can we know what is true and false? What is the nature of this reality? This book explores those questions, and gives these doubts substance. We start by exploring how and why there is no objective morality knowable to us, why our imposed standards of good and bad and evil can never be justified. We then explore the consequences of this absence, rejecting passive despair and outlining a path of creative nihilism, actively creating and determining the values that define us. Next, we examine the limitations of reason, explaining why it cannot give us knowledge of an objective reality beyond ourselves. We then re-learn to speak and argue within this space, coming to a constructive nihilism that abandons objective reality and rescues us from self-contradiction. And, after all this, we will see how much use we have for reality.

We are told to struggle and fight against nihilism. That, although the explanations and justifications we are given are not perfect, they must be accepted lest we begin down that darker path. That if we dare to once look down we will fall forever through empty space. But what if there was nothing to fear? What if the reason we have searched so long for answers is that the answers do not exist? What if the only things it took from you were never really there?

So, if you like, let's begin.

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ISBN: 9781521711910
ISBN-10: 1521711917
Publisher: Val N Tine
Publication Date: January 28th, 2018
Pages: 176
Language: English