Erectile Dysfunction: How To Cure Impotence and Boost Testosterone Naturally (Paperback)

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This book is Written by a Guy Who Conquered ED With his Own Strength I've Bought nearly EVERY Book about ED on Kindle Store just to gain perspective, let's just say....I don't like reading "Wikipedia" type books.... This book is PERSONAL...For me it's just painful to see others with this problem. I know how hard it is for YOU. I've also added a book on Porn Addiction. FREE with Kindle Unlimited FREE 13 books offered at the end Don't miss this out Breaking the conventional idea, I wish to reach and convey to my readers that there should be no shying away from this issue. WE should treat this problem no different than the other diseases like diabetes, typhoid etc. The longer we hesitate in curing this problem, the stronger it becomes. People with this disease remain unknown, just because people don't accept the fact that they have sexual disorder. Please forget about your ego for a moment and start doing something about this. Buying this book is the first step. In This Book You'll Learn... - What exactly IS Erectile Dysfunction - How to Recognize the Problem, most of us just hate to admit it. - Why Erectile Dysfunction is Dangerous for Your Health and Your Life - What Causes ED - Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction that helped me - What Should You DO NOT DO - Herbs and Remedies that I used - Many Lifestyle tips that WILL help You. - Few lines about my own experience "I'll even further, you suffer them Erectile Dysfunction, because YOU'RE NOT IN CONTROL. If you are not able to control your life, then how do you expect to control your penis? Don't get offended. You'll not read anything like this in other books - other authors don't want to help you." In my opinion, there's no reason to buy this book, You might learn something even if You don't suffer from this soft condition. I'm always extremely grateful for every purchase, I wish You Success dealing With This Challenge ( Never call it a "problem" ) Thank You.

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ISBN: 9781530756230
ISBN-10: 1530756235
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 24th, 2016
Pages: 48
Language: English