A Prepper's Cookbook: Twenty Years of Cooking in the Woods (Paperback)

A Prepper's Cookbook: Twenty Years of Cooking in the Woods Cover Image
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In a disaster, having food isn’t enough—you also have to know what to do with it. 

Deborah D. Moore has been a Prepper for most of her life, long before the term was popular. She believes in being prepared to winter in during the long cold months that she has to endure in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. An entire room of her small home is devoted to food and supply storage. Since her house is small it’s easy to heat with the wood cook stove that, at the same time, gives her a means of cooking and baking her food supplies.        

Featuring over 100 receipes, author Deborah D. Moore will take you on a fun, step-by-step journey to recreate the same meals she makes every day on her wood stove—using only what she has stored in her pantry. 

About the Author

Deborah started writing short stories when she was 13 and she made her first loaf of bread at 16.  In A Prepper’s Cookbook she has combined her talents of writing, teaching, and cooking. Deborah is also the author of the survival series The Journal.

Deborah D. Moore resides in a quiet, cozy, forested corner of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her cat Tufts. 

Product Details
ISBN: 9781618686671
ISBN-10: 1618686674
Publisher: Permuted Press
Publication Date: June 14th, 2016
Pages: 224
Language: English