Seidman (Hardcover)

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In Viking Age Iceland, where boys are expected to grow into strong farmers and skilled warriors, there is little place for a sickly twelve-year-old boy like Kol until he catches the eye of a seio-woman-a sorceress-and becomes her apprentice. Kol travels to the sorceress's home, where her grandson, Thorbrand, takes Kol under his wing. Before long Kol discovers something else about himself that is different-something else that sets him apart as unmanly: Kol has fallen in love with another boy. But the world is changing in ways that threaten those who practice the ancient arts. As Kol's new life takes him across the Norse lands, he finds that a new religion is sweeping through them, and King Olaf Tryggvason is hunting down and executing sorcerers. When a decades-old feud forces Thorbrand to choose between Kol and his duty to his kinsman, Kol finds himself cast adrift with only the cryptic messages of an ancient goddess to guide him to his destiny-and possibly to his death.

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ISBN: 9781635330717
ISBN-10: 1635330718
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Publication Date: July 25th, 2016
Pages: 210
Language: English