Uchronia: Updated and Extended Edition (Paperback)

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Accounts of past lost civilizations, strange aerial

phenomena, unexplained encounters, and cryptic

codes unquestionably continue to tease our minds

with their intrigue. While many of these puzzles,

which often are passed down from one generation to

another, sound so incredible that they appear to be

stories of pure fiction, from time to time, and more

often than we realize, they turn out to be true.

UCHRONIA (alternative history) connects with several

such controversial topics and provides facts and clues that

could explain some of the most contentious mysteries of

our time, including Plato's Atlantis. Is the Human

Genome a real miracle or genetics? What is the meaning

behind the Nazca Lines? Has a Middle Eastern culture

managed to visit North America 10,000 years before

Christopher Columbus? Can the Old Testament of the

Holy Bible be a copy of a much older original?

In 2017, New York City-Big Book Awards voted the

original edition of UCHRONIA as one of their

Distinguished Favorites This UPDATED &

EXTENDED version is not just an extension or a more

in-depth analysis of the original work published in 2014,

but an opportunity to illustrate how several more

scientific events and recent archaeological discoveries now

further support many of the earlier conclusions noted in

the original edition.

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ISBN: 9781662449246
ISBN-10: 1662449240
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: August 4th, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English