Luke Warm (Paperback)

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In the twilight years of Cold War Europe, Luke, a young counterespionage agent, finds himself in his first posting: West Berlin. After a mission goes awry, he is reassigned to a U.S. Army garrison in West Germany. With doubts about his abilities, he is thrust into a mundane career processing security clearances until an insider threat case lands on his desk. Now it's up to Luke to find and neutralize the spy before America's secrets are given to the Soviets. Will Luke's past mission and inexperience lead to his, and America's, failure in Cold War Europe? Jack Wolski spent time in the US Intelligence Community conducting counterespionage cases. He has a background in security, intelligence, and defense, having worked in the private and public sectors. He is an avid flier, runner, and marksman. With so many wild "war stories" from the field, his imagination ran wild with the possibility of telling the stories; but classification laws stopped him. SO he writes fiction stories inspired by real cases in U.S. espionage history. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook - Jack Wolski.

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ISBN: 9781662827693
ISBN-10: 1662827695
Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date: October 10th, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English