The Clockwork's Orange: Tales of the Robot Nika, Volume Two (Paperback)

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Stop me if you've heard this one.A girl and her dog and a satchel of mail are just trying to find their way to Fort Kansas. On their heels are wolves, a troll, one irate goblin, a group of fiendish little girls, a witch's pet, and a witch, too. Wait. You haven't heard this one? Well, then. 'The Clockwork's Orange' picks up the story of Nika Thought-werk, hero of the book 'Do Clockworks Dream of Gear-toothed Sheep?' Once a clockwork doll, Nika is now a little girl without a home or family to look after her. Her eyes are now open to the dangers around her - but she sees a world of magic and wonder, too As she she struggles to find her way to the ever distant Fort Kansas, old foes still dog her heels - along with a host of new ones. One thing about it though is that Nika knows no matter what lies ahead, she is not alone. Best of all - through it all - Nika has a best friend that wouldn't dream of leaving her side. Fantasy and monsters abound in this story of magic, wonder, and struggle that, at its heart, seeks to show readers that the magic to change the world lies in their belief that they can change it.

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ISBN: 9781733719315
ISBN-10: 1733719318
Publisher: Werks from the Iron Road
Publication Date: March 21st, 2020
Pages: 340
Language: English