Poems for Breakfast (Paperback)

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By Jolyn Janis, Jolyn Janis (Illustrator)
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Looking for a book that will make your whole family smile together?
One that reconnects you with the art of being smart and silly?
Something to make you laugh and wonder at the very same time?

Introducing a playful, high-spirited collection of illustrated poems that makes everyone giggle, the whole world dance with magic, and just may inspire you with an inexplicable urge to do a headstand in the living room.

Author and illustrator Jolyn Janis has given life to a book that inspires us all to stay curious, get courageous, and fall in love with our dreams again. Poems for Breakfast is the perfect gift for the people in your life who love to dream -- or for the ones who have maybe forgotten how much they love dreaming. It's for your family to read together, and for your friend who needs some inspiration. It's for your Mom, your Dad, your Grandma, and your Grandpa. It's even for your dog, your cat, your astrologer, and your neighbor. And maybe for your teacher, your babysitter, or your coworkers at the office. Hey, it can even be the perfect gift for the monsters in your closet. It's definitely for people who like talking to spiders, love packing too much for trips, or find themselves putting their hair in their soup. And it's certainly for anyone who has a big, amazing imagination and needs to let their funny bone out to play.

Poems for Breakfast will remind you how to be playful, show you the magic of living on purpose, and let you see a girl's journey back to her missing heart -- and why the only "like" that matters is that you like you. These stories and pictures let you laugh and think at the same time, and open the door to feeling like a kid again.

Inside Poems for Breakfast, you'll discover the adventures of:

★ Clementine Cloop who keeps putting her hair in the soup

★ The Most Right who fights the light

★ Munchy Nomsters that eat crunchy letter treats

★ A kid who eats a poem for breakfast and pays the price

★ A fuzzy Whurry who... well, you'll just have to read that one

In short, Poems for Breakfast will help you reconnect to the magic of your own adventure through story and play. If you like to laugh, read with your kids, or be the person who gives gifts that people remember and actually use, grab a copy of this inspired collection and get the fun started.

Look out for "Poems for Lunch," "Poems for Dinner," and "Poem Snacks," coming to a kitchen table near you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734114409
ISBN-10: 1734114401
Publisher: Migomax LLC
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 134
Language: English