The No News Diet: Detox From Information Overload (Paperback)

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A healthy diet doesn't just include the quantity and quality of food you put into your mouth. It also contains the ideas and information you put into your mind.

Have you been feeling the heaviness in your life from overindulging in the 24-hour news buffet? Do you find yourself craving the bitter-sweet taste of information overload as you reach for your next news fix? While information plays an important role in our lives, there is a big difference between the consumption and absorption of information versus news.

The No News Diet is a revolutionary book to help you detox from fear and control-based informational overeating. It acts as a guide to remind you of your organic energetic roots as a conscious creator within the energy of love.

  • Discover the differences between the energy of positive information and negative news and how it can magnetize and influence outcomes in your life.

  • Learn how to steer away from informational toxins and consume your information in more nourishing ways that support a healthy, happy, hopeful, empowered life.

  • Evaluate the source and quality of information on your energetic plate, before you decide to follow it with your attention.

  • Create an informational diet that provides the energetic calories to support positive, unified, empowered living versus the empty calories of N.E.W.S. - a diet that is negative, excludes, weakens, and separates.

The No News Diet holds the informational codes to help you wade through the swamp of negative news as you learn to unfollow the programs of fear and misinformation. This diet contains love, joy, liberation, and harmony at its energetic core. It promotes free thinking, free speech, and free will. This is the diet that nourishes your life, charges your emotional and energetic field, and helps you see through the false programs so you can reclaim your power.

A Quick Read Book for Conscious Living.

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ISBN: 9781736510247
ISBN-10: 173651024X
Publisher: Ascension Publications
Publication Date: February 21st, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English