A Yoga Adventure Through Space (Hardcover)

A Yoga Adventure Through Space Cover Image
By Robyn Snow, Lynn Stevens (Illustrator), Cynthia Gauvreau (Editor)
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Did you know that sometimes there are diamond storms on Uranus? Join your friends on a magical yoga adventure through Space. Explore all the planets with your body while learning interesting tidbits about them along the way. Filled with all the aspects of an AMAZING yoga class, warm-up, breathwork, poses, games, relaxation and more. A Yoga Adventure Through Space helps to balance body and mind in this incredible learning experience. Each book comes with a yoga along video

A fun & interactive book that encompasses yoga, mindfulness, creative movement, science, art, health, body parts, math & literacy to motivate and stimulate little ones to learn through movement. A Community minded approach to action based learning, this book is meant to be utilized as a tool for self-discovery, creativity, and education with youngsters by teachers, daycare providers, parents and other caregivers. This book is great for all ages between infant and 12 as it can be used in an unlimited amount of ways. It can simply be read; it can be read with the actions; it can be read with the actions and as a jumping off point for further education with a detailed glossary of yoga and science terms at the back.

Yoga helps to promote emotional well-being and reduce stress. It also teaches self-regulation and builds self-confidence. It encourages cooperation and teamwork while balancing both body and mind. It develops self-discipline and self-control while increasing the ability to concentrate for longer periods. It is unlimited in its creative potential and it is through all these benefits that learning is possible. For a child to learn effectively, these components are crucial. In my experience, children who learn hands on are more likely to retain information through muscle memory alone than children who did not. There is also research to support the fact that children with additional needs like excess energy require this to be more successful in the classroom. This provides another tool for instructors and parents to offer a supplementary and hands on learning experience.

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ISBN: 9781777317232
ISBN-10: 1777317231
Publisher: Wand Publishing
Publication Date: November 15th, 2020
Pages: 38
Language: English