David Livingstone, Africa's Greatest Explorer: The Man, the Missionary and the Myth (Hardcover)

David Livingstone, Africa's Greatest Explorer: The Man, the Missionary and the Myth Cover Image
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This biography covers David Livingstone's life, but also examines his relationship with his wife and children who were the main casualties of his endless explorations in Africa. It also looks at his legacy through to the modern day. David Livingstone was an immensely curious person and he made a habit of recording his meticulous observations of the flora and fauna of the African countryside that he passed through. His legacy includes numerable maps and geographical and botanical observations and samples. Livingstone was a powerful and effective proponent for the abolition of slavery and his message of yesterday is still valid today in a continent stricken with drought, desertification and debt. He made strong arguments that the African culture should be appreciated for its richness and diversity. Like many great men, Livingstone had faults. He was unforgiving of those he perceived had wronged him; he was intolerant of those who could not match his amazing physical powers; and finally he had no compunction about distorting the truth, particularly regarding the contributions made by other people, in order to magnify his own significant achievements.

About the Author

Paul Bayly is a banker, soldier and sailor. He has had an international career in merchant banking in New Zealand, Australia and England. He has also worked across Southern and Eastern Africa when working for the United Nations in 1991-1992. He is a former officer in the New Zealand Army and has had military deployments to Syria/Lebanon and East Timor and served with the Australian Special Forces. Paul was a project advisor and sailor on the 700 AD Borobudur Ship Expedition, 2003-2004 and the 600BC Phoenician Ship Expedition, 2008-2012. He has also kayaked the Zambesi River. This is his first book.

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