Manipulation: This Book Includes: Dark Psychology Secrets & Manipulation Technique, Body Language Guide & Persuasion. the Communicat (Hardcover)

Manipulation: This Book Includes: Dark Psychology Secrets & Manipulation Technique, Body Language Guide & Persuasion. the Communicat Cover Image
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You're looking for a real communicative advantage, and have new ability to see, recognize, and be more aware of manipulative behaviors.You want to be free from wrong relationship?If you want to manipulate and no be manipulated, increase your emotional intelligence, comprehend others more deeply, and have much more effective and coherent communication to get results more efficiently, then keep listening.

We are all manipulated and manipulate by others in turn, whether we like it or not.

It's just a matter of being aware of it.

Remember: you can recognize only what you know now.

The less you know about manipulation mechanisms, the more you risk being victim to people with mental problems or ill intent. The more you are aware of manipulation, persuasion technique, body language, and the dark psychological dynamics, more you have the tools to take action on this, and not suffer it.

This is the point: It's extremely important to have at least a basic knowledge of all this notions, at any age.

You feel stuck in toxic relationships that make you feel unhappy, but you don't know how to quit them.

You try to be successful in relationships, but no matter how hard you try, you always find yourself giving others a different image from what you would like to provide, or achieving things different from what you want.

You strongly desire to increase your ability to persuade others to work and sell, but your sales never take off, despite your best efforts.

Does it sound familiar?

If it does, then the information included in this audiobook is what you need.

Because this book is not a series of annoying theoretical facts, but it gives you a more in-depth insight into the matter, but with no practice tools.

On the contrary, in this audiobook, we will share a series of practical descriptions, examples, useful tips, tricks, and techniques about manipulation you can use right away at 360 degree.

We will talk about basis of all aspect related to manipulation: persuasion & NLP technique, body language, NLP for sell, Dark NLP, Dark psychology secrets, hypnotic language, and much more.

Be more empathetic towards others, defend yourself from covert manipulation, get what you want from others, increase your self confidence & empath in relationship.

Still non convinced?

Linten, in this book you will learn:

  • 8 techniques predators use to manipulate you.
  • Mind control secrets.
  • How to use cognitive dissonances to persuade others.
  • How to resist persuasion.
  • The main signs and symptoms that can identify a victim of chronic manipulation.
  • How to know when people manipulate you.
  • 6 manipulative techniques that work.
  • How to say no to a manipulator.
  • Mind control and effective NLP technique
  • The most powerful tips and techniques to use for defending yourself against dark psychology.
  • Deception tactics.
  • Body language psychology.
  • The hidden meaning of postures.
  • How to interpret posture, facial and hand gestures, signs, and other factors.
  • How salespeople use body language.
  • Hypnotic body language.
  • Tips and tricks to read people accurately.
  • The six principles of persuasion and 9 Dark Persuasion techniques.
  • What NLP is and its application in persuasion
  • Hot words in NLP

You can choose that all these things are really not for you.

But if you think you deserve a real communicative advantage that permit you to be self confident, free yourself from toxic people, improves your relationship for a better life, this book is for you

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ISBN: 9781801153768
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Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab
Publication Date: October 25th, 2020
Pages: 468
Language: English