How To Analyze People: The Ultimate Guide to Speed Reading Human Personality Types by Analyzing Body Language (Paperback)

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★ 55% Discount for Bookstores Now at 8.98$ instead of 19.97$ ★How to Analyze People is the most immediate and complete guide to finding the answers you are looking for... Proven Methods that Will Teach You How to Speed-Read People Like a Book, Understand Their Body Language, and Decode their Intentions..

You have in your hands the keys to unlocking the secrets to Analyzing People... without having to get advanced degrees in psychology or going through a long apprenticeship.

This book has been designed for the average individual, who may or may not have a high level of knowledge in the field of psychology, to find the right ways in which they can better understand the people with whom they deal with on a daily basis. Moreover, the secrets in this book will allow you to quickly get "a feel" for strangers whom you meet for the first time. Doesn't that sound like something really useful?

When analyzing people using the methods in this book, you will not only understand people better, but you will also develop a better understanding of yourself. Knowing yourself first is absolutely important when it comes to analyzing people. The better you understand what makes you tick, the easier it will be to understand another person.

In getting to know yourself, you will be able to have a better understanding of what you value in life. This will allow you to realize your true purpose in life. This book also encourages you to be mindful. Mindfulness will allow you to respect and enjoy the present moment in which we all live in. Being mindful of others will encourage them to confide in you more often as well as creating for you a life of true fulfillment.

You will understand that analyzing means to examine or study something carefully in a methodical manner. If you analyze your children's report card, you may agree on their potency and weak point. In simple language, analyzing people is reading a person's current state of mind, body, and emotions through your eyes. Analyzing varies from individual to individual as every individual has different perception or outlook to observe a trait in an individual but the conclusion would more or less similar if conducted on an individual. There is no formula to analyze people around or with you.

Here is just a small selection of what you will find in this book:

  • Mastering the art of Analyzing People - Body Language
  • Essential tools that give you an edge Analyzing Behavior
  • The importance of knowing yourself
  • How to interpret Verbal Communication
  • Common patterns of Interpreting Behavior
  • How to spot a Lie
  • Nonverbals of the feet, legs, arms.
  • Some Mental Tricks to interpret a person, lie etc.
  • Tips ready to use for reading Facial Expressions
  • Body Language and voice basics revealed
  • NLP
  • And Much More

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Publication Date: January 13th, 2021
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