Sirtfood Diet Cookbook: Complete Beginners Guide and Cookbook with 50+ Tasty Recipes! Burn Fat Activating Your "Skinny Gene"! (2021 Edition) (Paperback)

Sirtfood Diet Cookbook: Complete Beginners Guide and Cookbook with 50+ Tasty Recipes! Burn Fat Activating Your
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Are You Looking for The Most Detailed Beginner's Guide About The New Trendy Celebrities Diet to Unlock Fat Loss and Prevent Disease to Make You Stay Lean and Healthy for life?

Well, you have come to the right place then This is The Only Full Practical Guide about the Sirtfood Diet That Will Teach You a Non-faddy Diet that offers incredible health benefits and weight loss.

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Inside this Easy and Complete Manual you will discover:

  • What the Sirtfood Diet is and How It Works to activate your body's own weight loss system and turn off fat storage, with amazing lasting effects lifetime.
  • 135+ Tasty, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes to lose 3Kg in 7 days for a dramatic weight loss transformation in a healthy and proven way, recipes easy to prepare and balance in the right manner.
  • A 21-day meal plan designed to 'turn on' the sirtuin genes (particularly SIRT-1), which are believed to boost metabolism, increase fat burning, fight inflammation, and curb appetite.
  • What to Do After the Sirtfood Diet to allow you not to frustrate the efforts made and enjoy the benefits of the diet to let the right eating habits heal your body for life
  • How the Sirtfood Diet prevents Diseases by eating more plants and fewer animal products that lowered, for example, the risk of dying of heart attack and other chronic diseases
  • ... & Lot More

The Sirtfood Diet is the culmination of years of investigational research and you may have recently heard about this incredible trendy Diet from the famous singer Adele or Pippa Middleton, among the others.

Would you like to join them and become as you have always dreamed of being?

If the answer is YES ...

Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book

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ISBN: 9781801696371
ISBN-10: 1801696373
Publisher: Weight Loss Academy
Publication Date: February 8th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English