Zen and Meditations Mandalas: AntiStress Relaxing Adult Colouring Book (Paperback)

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★Are you looking for a way to disconnect from everyday life?★

★Are you looking for a way to relax and meditate ?★

★Do you want to start approaching Buddhist or Zen discipline?★

★Do you want to help a loved one to relieve everyday thoughts?★

Turn off ALL YOUR DEVICES, take a break from everyday thoughts, free your mind and start meditating by applying the ZEN philosophy and its benefits, simply by coloring A book suitable for everyone With 100 Mandala images ready to color

Mandala in Sanskrit means "center, circle, magic ring". The term was originally (around 1500 BC) associated with celestial elements such as the Sun and the Moon. Only later on it was compared to the drawings that we know today.

Mandalas originated in India, but quickly spread throughout the Asian continent and later in the West (mainly thanks to the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung).

The practice of coloring a mandala allows your mind to take a break from everyday thoughts, anxieties and worries.

This activity gives you peace and quiet, but not only: it also puts the creative part of your brain, which you often neglect in everyday life, into operation.

Coloring a mandala will allow you to give voice to the right hemisphere, to release the ideas that we often let go during our hectic days. You will feel your baby ego come out and have fun like it used to, free from stress and anxiety.

Coloring the mandala will allow you to reach the state of "daydreams" in which you will feel far from the thoughts that stress you, free from the space-time dimension. In this phase you will come into contact with yourself and immerse yourself in a process of introspection. In this moment "alpha" new ideas will be born, your mind will be more predisposed to memorization and you will find the motivation to face the challenges of life.

How to color a mandala and relax:

There are no rules for coloring a mandala. There are no right or wrong behaviors to color, in fact that what you are doing will be unique and will have to reflect yourself, with your favorite tastes and color combinations.

You can take your time to color your mandala whenever you want, ideally an hour or so in the evening to relieve the stress accumulated during the day.

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ISBN: 9781802173239
ISBN-10: 1802173234
Publisher: Giampiero Meloni
Publication Date: March 15th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English