Manipulation Techniques: How to Influence and Persuade People's Mind and Behavior with Dark Psychology and NLP (Hardcover)

Manipulation Techniques: How to Influence and Persuade People's Mind and Behavior with Dark Psychology and NLP Cover Image
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Do you want to positively influence and persuade people? All you need is some effective manipulation techniques Your Customers Will Never Stop Using This Awesome Book.

The art of manipulation aims to create consensus when conflict or indifference reigns.

As a result, it is a noble cause because its purpose is not to conquer but to unite.

Manipulation, together with similar techniques such as Dark Psychology and NLP, can be used for a number of reasons and in a variety of contexts.

If you want to make a good impression during a job interview which could change your life forever...

If you want to seduce the person you like and start a long-lasting relationship with him/her...

If you simply want to convince a friend of yours to do something which could be useful for him/her...

...this is the right book for you

By reading it, you will discover:

- 6 persuasion tricks which will help you influence people's mind and behavior, so that they do what you need, what you desire or what you find right or necessary.

- 27 rules that you should follow in order to manipulate people in a perfectly ethical and healthy way, so that both of you can enjoy all the benefits of manipulation.

- What Dark Psychology and NLP are and how they can help you achieve your manipulation goals even more successfully.

- 9 structures used in hypnotic language which will help you guide the other person to a trance-like state by only using your own voice and your own words.

- 16 infallible manipulation techniques which will allow you to create "puppets" (that is people under your control), find the job of your dreams or even the love of your life.

...and much more...

You may think that manipulation doesn't work or it's too difficult to master and to apply, but after reading this book you will change idea, as you will find yourself with everything you need to effectively influence people with little effort.

Just remember that manipulation should be used only for good reasons and with good intentions, otherwise it becomes deceit.

I have personally studied and applied all the strategies and techniques described in this book and believe me, they work

Don't waste time, start practicing manipulation TODAY

This SIMPLE, PRATICAL and COMPREHENSIVE guide is ideal for anyone who knows nothing about the topic, but also for anyone who has read something but wants to know more.

But it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book.

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ISBN: 9781802996883
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Publisher: Theodore Diaz
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2021
Pages: 130
Language: English