Vampire Count: Hidden Dragon (Paperback)

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Vampires were not always earthbound, nor are all evil, but being victims of Usen's Eighth Law, his Children became their fair game. Yet the Night Kingdom was divided: some veered to the Necros; some to the Dawn. Who was wrong; who was right?

Long ago one incited his people to racial violence against elven and human kind. Ever he strove to be king of the Night, and unto Necuratu the Dark Lord he gave the dragon shape. He made war upon the ancient Middle East, even the Nephilim War. Against him the Light raised flood and division.

At last his own people, paying the price of his rampage, bound him in deep sleep. Yet the millennia seemed meaningless to him: even the rising of Hamashiach hardly disturbed his dreams. At last awoken, he and his brides stalked the hills of Transylvania. Only the fear of Lilith-and after her unforgivable sin, Queen Rangda-chained their bloodlust.

Dracula sought escape and autonomy. By legal and illegal means, he immigrated to London via Whitby. Pursuit followed swiftly, with a shadowminder siding with a circle of human headhunters, though they sought the death of all vampires.

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ISBN: 9781838094614
ISBN-10: 183809461X
Publisher: Mallon de Tc
Publication Date: July 4th, 2020
Pages: 136
Language: English