Spinoza's Radical Theology: The Metaphysics of the Infinite (Hardcover)

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The advent of modern science brought deep challenges to traditional religion. Miracles, prophecy, immortal souls, absolute morality - all of these fundamental notions were challenged by the increasingly analytical and skeptical approach of modern scientists. One philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, proposed a new theology, rooted in a close analysis of the Bible, which could fit this new science and provide a sound basis for a social order. Spinoza's Radical Theology explains the mechanics and meaning of Spinoza's ideas and how they can inform the questions with which we still struggle today.

About the Author

Charlie Huenemann is a Professor of Philosophy at Utah State University. He is the author of Understanding Rationalism.

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ISBN: 9781844655786
ISBN-10: 1844655784
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: May 30th, 2013
Pages: 160
Language: English