The Sea Replied (Paperback)

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The Sea Replied by Damian Firth offers exquisite, eloquent, short poems that reflect a fertile and accomplished mind and heart, written by a mature poet with insightful wisdom. Damian passed away in the Spring of 2013. In his honour, this memorial book has been published in the hope that Damian's poetry may live for many years to come. Damian Firth was a private man. He was consistently, a very likable, honourable, admirable good fellow. Many of us were deeply affected by his humility, kindness and of-course his poetry. His poetry is so unique and outstanding, I may never again know one like Damian Firth or his poetry. These are profound and mystical poems. The evocative nature and elegant beauty of his poetry is the hallmark of a world class poet, especially for anyone who seeks beauty and truth.

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ISBN: 9781896895017
ISBN-10: 1896895018
Publisher: Red Oak Media
Publication Date: December 1st, 2014
Pages: 68
Language: English