Father Thames (Paperback)

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By Robin Price, Paul McGrory (Illustrator)
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Half book, half graphic-novel, Father Thames has amazing illustrations and strips by artist Paul McGrory on every page. Father Thames is the page-turning sequel to London Deep. You don't have to have read London Deep to enjoy this book. The series is set in a flooded city where two rival police forces for kids and adults - compete to keep the peace. THE STORY Rebellious teen Jemima Mallard has done the unthinkable. She's joined the Youth Police Department (YPD). Is she serious, or is she spying for the criminal Father Thames? Fellow YPD officer Nick Mallard isn't sure. Before he can test her loyalty, the two must go to war. Their city is under attack. From the Thames Barrier Reef to the Sink estates, strange ships have breached the defenses. London hasn't seen anything like these raiders - adults and kids sailing and working together. But orders are orders, Jem must find find a way to stop them. 'With non-stop adrenalin-fuelled drama throughout it won't disappoint both new and existing ardent fans of the London Deep series. The mix of text and graphic novel artwork throughout the book adds a further level to the story.' www.Lovereading.co.uk 'Boys, in particular, will love the detailed world depicted in Father Thames, with familiar landmarks transformed since the 'Climate Upgrade' - including the Thames Barrier Reef, Trafalgar Swamp and the remains of the London Eye, now known as 'the Socket'. Children will also revel in the mysterious invaders, who are part pirate and part Viking warriors. Father Thames is half book, half graphic novel, with Japanese 'manga'-style illustrations, which serve as excellent rewards for continued reading. The masked invaders are particularly chilling. The book is suitable for children in Years 5 and 6 and contains references to fairly tricky themes such as terrorist cells, but action-loving readers will lap this up.' Scholastic Education (London Deep) 'This is a terrifically atmospheric page-turning adventure told through words and comic art. Set in the near future, in a flooded London where rival police forces - one for adults and one for kids - compete to keep the peace, it intertwines the story of Jemima, daughter of the Chief Inspector of Police, with contemporary issues of climate change and the environment in an original and provocative way but without sounding patronising. It's a rattling good read and one in which you are sure to be drawn in to Jemima's exploits of survival.' Lovereading.co.uk http: //www.lovereading.co.uk.

About the Author

Robin Price is the author of Catligula, Die Clawdius, and I Am Spartapuss, the coauthor of Count Milkula, and a former editor for BBC Online and Foxkids.co.uk. Paul McGrory is a freelance artist. They previously collaborated on London Deep.

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ISBN: 9781906132040
ISBN-10: 1906132046
Publisher: Mogzilla
Publication Date: May 1st, 2014
Pages: 143
Language: English
Series: London Deep