Ki-Asana Zen: Bridging the Gap Between East and West (Paperback)

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Few feelings are more debilitating than fear. It may seem that fear comes from the outside, but it is always brought under control from within. Ki-Asana Zen is a practice dedicated to the restoration of resiliency and spontaneity to the mind. The resilient mind springs back from adversity. The spontaneous mind does not harbor fear because it does not cling to thought patterns of any kind. Such a mind taps into instinctive wisdom, called prajna paramita, in Sanskrit. When we have achieved this gift, we will know what to do when faced with a problem, even one which comes swiftly. Ki-Asana Zen is a meditation technique that is balanced, relatively easy but internally sound. It bridges the gap between east and west by embracing both its sun and moon nature . . . Ki (intensification) . . . Asana (posture). The power of it is not in what you see, but in the responses generated by what you do. With Ki-Asana you don't meditate . . . IT meditates. This powerful but simple technique will teach you how to deal with any problem that comes your way.

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ISBN: 9781937907266
ISBN-10: 1937907260
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Publication Date: March 26th, 2015
Pages: 112
Language: English